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We are Devoting Ourselves to Your Marketing Needs & Giving You the Modern Solutions
Go to Go Digital

Go Digital

Our Digital Marketing Solutions are designed to help you transforming your business into a modern one and achieving ROI goals at cost-effective

Go to Be Creative

Be Creative

It’s no longer about stuffs you make or services, its all about the stories you tell. Here we create contents, we publish contents and we amplify contents

Go to Be Strategic

Be Strategic

In Marketing we believe that the essence of strategy is choosing what not to do rather than what to do, because not every move yield expected results

Go to Do Experiential

Do Experiential

People are no longer interested in boring shouts calling them to buy, they simply want to feel what the value you are likely to offer them

We have been providing creative marketing services that outfits our customers' companies which give them confidence to stand out there and tell stories which captivates consumers

We are Devoting Ourselves to Your Needs Because
We are Not just another Digital Marketing Company

Maroon is a full-service strategic marketing and entertainment firm with headquarters in Dar es salaam. We research commercial information, analyze it, develop and execute strategies to help our clients communicate , engage and build brand relationships with their stakeholders and target demographic customers.

Our team of highly talented analysts and strategic communication experts has advised Government Agencies, CSOs and Corporate Companies from seemingly insurmountable predicaments to groundbreaking success. We also specialize in TV Shows, Visual ads, events, integrating online and mobile technologies with breakthrough narratives in order to build movements around clients' 360 degree campaigns.

  • CM & SMM

  • Strategy & Activation

  • Audio & Visual Ads

  • TV Shows, Events & Exhibitions

Nice to Meet You

We are here for the passion and the love we have for the Digital Marketing. We seem to be casual on the surface, but underneath we’re true professionals who are dedicated to what we are doing just to make sure that our clients are getting the bests out of us


Chief Executive
Chrispine is a man of vision and professionalism runs through his veins that’s why he is kind of a person who seeks out the efficiencies in everything we are doing in here


Legal & Finance Manager
Just like any decent financier, she is very strict when it comes for abiding the rules and regulations which guides the company expenditure, that’s good anyway for our own good


HR & Marketing Manager
She is always in a go go mood, she knows how to associate and interacting with different kind of people. But her marketing intelligence is beyond comparable, she is simply the best


Operational Manager
He kind of results driven person and so obsessed with visual outcomes. However, his experience in project management enables him to deal with people of different kind to get things done


Digital Manager
Just like his name Amani (means peace in swahili) he is a man of few words and all of them goes direct to the point. We are all still waiting to see how will he looks like the day when he get mad


Media Executive & Copywriter
If you ever heard some nice jingles or watching inspirational series, she is the person behind the scene. She is endowed with this ability to really get inside the meaning of a script and bring it to life


Media Executive
Actually his name is Gervas. If there is any one else who is very comfortable to pose before the camera, this is the guy. He appeared in some video ads and now hosts Chukua Hiyo Series


Chief Producer
Baraka was born to create things out of nothing and he is no stranger to building those sweet melodies enough to captivates the audience….he simply lives the music


Administrative Officer
We call her mama mwenye nyumba (land lord), she is in charge of indoor operations and she is very strict except to the visitors cause she wears that smile which tells you feel at home


Admin Assistant
She makes our lives easier in here with her frequent assistance to carry out indoor activities which other wise would be distracting us from doing the core responsibilities


In-House Chef
People who likes food are everywhere even at Maroon and perhaps she is the most important person to hire. Zahlat knows all kind of spices and recipes to make us delicious dishes


Business Developer (BDM)
After roaming around, travelling to different countries searching for what he is passionate about. He fell in love with Digital Marketing and Maroon became his temple for practicing that

Latest Events

MIMKALI events ended up with top 10 contenstants to do live performance at CHINA BAR

Our Branding & Content Strategies have helped a number of successful companies to stand out there with confidence to tell stories which captivates the customers, engaging with them and create real customer loyalty


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