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At Maroon, we treat these common terminologies such as brand, branding, brand identity, graphics design and print design each in a different way although the majority of agencies use such terms interchangeably. Here we define them differently but put them into one bucket of digital design, an umbrella which offers a range of services relating to design and brand identity.

Brandy identity, for example, it has great impacts on the long existence of your company in the modern business competition. Here we can help you to come up with a great identity of your brand which will enable you to stand out there with great brand authority.

Our Brand Identity Service includes Logo design, Icon Mark, Official brand patterns and Matching Stationery. Moreover, under the same wing, we are offering other design services such as Web Design Services, Print Design Services, Art & Illustration and Product & Merchandise Design Services. All these will play a major role in creating a great impression of the brand.

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